Commercial Tenant Build Out Plan

We are proud of our high speed in doing tenant build-out plans. We can do an MEP-heavy project, like a restaurant, in less than two weeks, and an MEP-light project, like an office, in less than one week.  On average, we provide permit drawings for some fifty tenant build-out restaurants per year, while simultaneously managing other types of projects.

We have the honor of providing design services to Enterprise Rent a Car.  This company has been coming to us for many of its Atlanta area renovation projects for many years.

We are capable of producing permit drawings for tenant build-out projects over long distances.  If you can provide us with the basic information about the physical, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing conditions of a tenant space, we can create the drawings required to obtain a building permit.  We encourage you to contact us to receive a free quote.

If necessary, we can travel to where the project is to survey the existing conditions.

Commercial Building Alteration and Addition

Attention is given to the seamless transition between the original buildings and the additions. We also work closely with the owners and contractors to ensure that the construction is easy and economical.

Sample of Work

New Residential Design

Our residential design tends to be in traditional styles.  Our architect, Zhi (Jay) Feng has almost twenty years of experience working with historical aesthetics, building elements and construction methods.

Sample of Work

Landscape Design

Sample of Work

Public Sector:
Fire Station 11, City of Atlanta, Georgia
Fulton County South Annex, Fulton County, Georgia
City of Atlanta Watershed Campus Landscape Design, City of Atlanta, Georgia
John’s Creek Greenway Study, Fulton County, Georgia

Private Sector
Our landscape design team is active in both private and public sectors. In the private sector, we have provided landscape designs for over 100 land developments in the metro Atlanta area during the past 7 years. Our design goal is to meet the local government zoning ordinance, protect existing trees, and provide sustainable, economical and low maintenance landscape.  Asian Village Atlanta and Hui Tsi Temple of Suwannee are among our private sector projects.

In Public sector, we have done the landscape design for many county projects, including Fulton County’s Wolf Creek Safety Memorial Plaza and South Annex renovation.  Together with South Fulton Nursery, we were recently selected by Fulton County as the standing-by landscape design and installation team. We are excited for this opportunity.